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Update by user Oct 17, 2017

Lawsuits lawsuits lawsuits

Update by user May 17, 2017

So today a guy in a Blue Haven truck showed up unannounced.

Nicest guy who was here to cut the drainage pipes down preparing it for plaster.

He was here 15 m cleaning up debris they've left all over the yard when he got a phone call.

Sorry I've been told not to touch anything and leave.

Guess Frank read my posts.

Get used to them because I'm not stooping until I educate everyone on this disception.

Update by user May 17, 2017

BTW Our excavator is presently in our backyard finishing the grading AT OUR COST.

Update by user May 17, 2017

Well I typed a book and it was gone...here is the long and short.

5/17/2017 STILL NO POOL.

Broken promises

No show for scheduled dates

No communication on the scheduled date, they just don't show up and conveniently go missing.

More yelling and screaming.

More personality changes than half of my patients. Date is now out to 6/6/2017 to be finished.

Our pool was "broken" and had to have the plumbing dug up and fixed because the contractor didn't understand English. More to come......

Update by user Apr 03, 2017

Drama continues, So my husband got cussed out by Frank the so called owner of Blue haven Apparently we are the worst customers EVER.....he made sure to scream every statement of lies so my husband could hear his veins bulging from his neck. Again, all we have asked for are professional drawings that outline the linear footage and actually plans.

The young men on the job do their best, but since English is not their first language - communication is next to impossible. We've asked EVERYONE, even "site foreman" for drawings with dimensions. NO ONE HAS ONE. We have the original "crayon sketch" but that is about it.

Two weeks ago we were given the "3d drawing" but if you compare that to what we have - LOLLLL....still no dimensions. We are supposed to accept that 160 linear feet of pool is what we have. The exact dimensions change as much as the weather does. In fact, we have now been blamed for "moving the pool".

Frank's screaming tirade - The exact wall square footage is from you moving the pool. OK, where did we move the pool too? Did we use a shovel to move ten ton of concrete or did I do it with my incredible mind? Let's give Old Frank the benefit of the doubt for one second.

Let's say I moved the 2000 square foot pool twenty feet to the right - the pool square footage can't change can it???? The wall length can't change either because it is the same length of the pool right? OK Frank - that is a straight BS excuse. I'm going to give you the actual reality of what has happened.

You priced the pool based on the crayon drawing of a salesperson, which BTW is not MHIC licensed, to draw the customer in. Once you get the customer based on the grandiose drawings, you then get them contracted based on what the believe the picture represents. Once the actual dimensions are given to your subcontractor (yes subcontractor goes with another lie that EVERY PERSON ON THE JOBSITE IS A BLUE HAVEN EMPLOYEE), he quotes you the actual price and you go back to the customer and start jacking up prices. We have two back - to - back emails in which pricing goes from $42 square ft price to $49 square ft price (example).

You again use the "estimate" excuse. You are not going to get what you want from these people unless you have an open checkbook. We are not willing to just keep giving Frank money because he lies his way through why he wants more money. We had the subcontractor and the new salesman at the kitchen table.

The subcontractor says, "I am getting a large shipment of block, so I can actually upgrade your block at no additional cost. It's a better block and it won't cost anymore since I am getting it in bulk. (We thought we were getting the better block, but what hasn't been a lie) Frank yelled at my husband that he is "giving us better block and absorbing the cost". ROFLMAO....Frank you got caught in another lie.

My favorite lie comes when we ask why we have not have any site inspections from anyone other than the subcontractor. Frank - "We have a foreman inspecting your job site every week" You do realize we have security cameras. There has never been a weekly inspection of anything in regard to the pool. They did the tile work at night, so you can imagine why our tile was never plumbed correctly or why our natural stone coping is shaved in places.....

This whole thing is a nightmare..... More to come - next issue to address is the basin of our infinity edge.

The "design" may be the run off location for the entire yard. AS THE POOL TURNS

Original review posted by user Mar 12, 2017

Anyone have information on who is the responsible corporate officer for the name BLUE HAVEN POOLS? We are trying to find the person responsible for the bait and switch used by these people.

They give you a cost and up it by $50 grand before you have water to swim in. Start with a price per square foot, then up that per square foot price with emails that conflict with the basic contract.

They hold you hostage and tell you if you touch anything to finish it yourself, it VOIDS the warranty. Not that you'll ever get service for such warranty, but I wouldn't recommend these people to my enemy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Blue Haven Pools Pool.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Blue Haven Pools Cons: Unreliability, Rude manager, Lack of professional drawings, Constant changes, Lie after lie.

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We have had SEVERAL issues as well, and we are still in process of trying to get them resolved. Staff turnover is an issue as well as lack of good solid communication unless we harass them.

I still to this day do not believe my upsold upgraded system is working properly and want to be proven otherwise. The quest continues.


Whats wrong with the picture?


Same thing is happening to me in Gray, La I have never seen such unprofessional people in my life!!! Lies after lies and I am about to have a nerves breakdown because of these people.

My pool was started on Aug 2, 2018 and today is the 9th of October 2018. and still no decking and no plaster and still a mess in my yard. These people should be closed down.

They nickle and dime you to {{Redacted}}. It is really sad I wish I could get someone from corporate office to call me.


There is no corporate office. They are all franchises with no oversight.


Going through the same issue now with them....missed schedules and lack of communication. Signed a contract on May 14, 2017.

Just a basic pool, no hot tub, nothing fancy and they have just poured the concrete around the pool. Still waiting on electrical to be finished, plaster in the pool, smart decking, cleanup and who knows what else. It has been 3 months already. I had financing, HOA approval and everything on my end completed within 5 days, so it isn't like they were waiting on anything from me.

Completely ridiculous. Anyone that has asked how it is going has heard an earful from me. The sales guy told us what we wanted to hear, at the most 60 days.

Our fault for not doing more research before hand. Expensive lesson learned.


Blue Haven built my pool several years ago. Salesman designed pool with a diving area for a diving board.

The design would not allow a diving board as agreed and were told this after the pool was almost completely finished. I now have a giant rock where the diving board should be.

We also had to stop the contractor during excavation as they were over digging the pool.

The pool is now loosing about 3 inches of water every two days. Not real happy with them or their product.


They are monsters

Together we can stop them

Report to the consumer protection agency for false advertising

They have salesman building pools not engineers


We are sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with a particular Blue Haven office. Dozens of Blue Haven offices operate around the U.S., and all strive for a high level of client satisfaction among the tens of thousands of homeowners offices they serve.

IF you would like to provide your contact information and indicate the location of the Blue Haven office building your pool, we can share your concerns to help address them.

You can send an email to 1@bluehaven.com. Thank you.


That's wonderful

Now who are you and what is your contact information other than an email?


What state are you in? We just had someone other than Blue Haven look at our pool and were shocked at what we learned.

They did not stand behind the warranty a few years ago so we know they won't now. We are contacting an attorney.


Our attorney is well versed. I'm sure we can get together on ending this deception.

I'm in Maryland.

I've publically shared my email address for ANYONE to get in contact with me.

If corporate would back their franchises, things like this wouldn't be an issue.



I'm from Florida I have almost same issues with blue haven, I don't know what to do, any advice?


I'll jump on a class action suit

Frank is a horrible person


Hello, My name is Tammy Carroll I'm a co owner of Horton's Kennel in Ephrata Pa. The work on our new pool started on April 7th and it is far from being finished.

We have no plastering yet and the walkway around the pool is still not started. The tile work was finally done on the 15th of May. We signed this pool contract back in September of 2016 with a tentative start time of March or April of 2017. At this rate the summer will be over before Eddie King finds the time to finish it.

The final check for the full amount was paid and cashed and now we're playing a waiting game.

I would never suggest anyone use Blue Haven pools because it's been a nightmare. I guess my next step is the attorney general or an attorney.


Hello Tammy

Join the party.

My email is nancy@serenityllc.net

Talked to two other people.

We need all we can get to force Blue Haven to accept responsibility.

Is Santana the sub they sent?


I didn't notice you paid them in full.

In Maryland it is illegal for them to accept the final payment without completing the work. Please check with your local HOME IMPROVMENT licensing board.


Yes he’s an idiot

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